The Last Frontier back online

I know it has been quite awhile since I have posted. Moving forward I plan to be more active on this blog and try to find more content to post. I am happy to announce that The Last Frontier forums are now back open. Keeping my promise to never use commercial or closed source code the forums are powered by phpBB. This is entirely open source software. It might lack a few features of commercial solutions like vbulletin or IPBoard but is a solid platform with all of the most important features.

I welcome all that find this to join, it is free and the server will always remain private. No fears of adware, spyware, or selling your data to third parties. The goal of this server is to expand my knowledge and create something useful to others in the process. If you have not already noticed this entire site is being run from my old laptop. Myself I found that amusing, but I hate to let hardware go to waste when it could serve a purpose. Let’s give my old laptop some work and create a fun and even educational community. 

I have also set up my own NextCloud Server. What is NextCloud you might ask? Simply put it is your own “Dropbox” or “OneDrive” that you control entirely. I love Dropbox, but refuse to use it for anything personal since you are handing the data to essentially an unknown third party. With this software that is entirely open source I can create my own and manage it fully. I know exactly where the data is being stored and who has access to it. To me that is huge, I may lack the bandwidth of the major players but they can not give me that level of privacy.

If you are interested in a box of your own on this server let me know. I can not open this to the public, my laptop lacks the disk space to do that. Those that are interested comment on this post or email me directly. You can even get desktop clients and mobile clients for free so you can take your data anywhere you go. I must warn you that bandwidth is limited, so keep the file sizes down or be patient with downloads. Someday I will have the ability to move The Wasteland to a better connection but for now we have to work with what I have.  That is all for now, stay tuned I do plan to make this blog more active with content after the holidays.

Welcome to The Wasteland v4

It seems like this has become a recurring theme here. I promise this is the last time and will explain a bit further. For those that are returning I welcome you back to The Wasteland. The content is gone for now but I will be bringing it all back online soon. Why did I start over yet again you might ask? Quite simply put I made a few choices I was not happy with. I went with PHP 5.6 with the last version, and quickly discovered that software I wished to run required PHP 7. The most important of those being NextCloud 12.  

Quickly I discovered that this would not be a simple upgrade. I was also aware that I would never be happy unless I started over. Anything worth doing is worth doing right has always been my motto. The Wasteland is still powered by CentOS 7 so there is no change there. New is the migration to PHP version 7 as well as upgrading MariaDB to version 10. Welcome the upgrades were considering that The Wasteland relies heavily on both. I was also having issues with conflicting repositories, and found this link useful in helping me avoid that mistake again. For those interested I am using the EPEL repository as well as REMI and nux-desktop and enabling the CentOS Plus packages. Why a desktop repository for a server lacking a GUI? I desired support for ffmpeg so I could encode audio and video. 

If this is your first visit then welcome. The Wasteland is going to be my personal blog and testing environment. Originally from Chicago I moved to central Florida when I was still young. An IT professional in my middle thirties my career took me into Telecommunications but my passion has always been with Linux. These days I find myself with a bit more spare time and look to spend it getting back into the world of GNU/Linux.  Though I do have an extensive knowledge in the realms of routing and Cisco/Juniper too. If anyone is interested in Linux or setting up a server of your own feel free to comment on this post. If you would rather email me then do it Here

That is all I have for now. Be on the lookout for the return of the image gallery as well as The Last Frontier forums. Plans are also in the works to install the latest Nextcloud and I may even bring YouPHPTube back in the mix as well as set up my own Icecast server. This is after all my testing platform, stay tuned and I hope you enjoy the journey.