About this Site

If you have made it here you have truly reached the end of the internet. All Joking aside this is my personal blog and server. I have built this all by myself using only free and open source software. The Wasteland will never use any commercial or closed source code. My aim is to use this site to both expand my knowledge of Linux and showcase the power of open source.

I am an IT professional from the Orlando area in Florida. Originally from the Chicago area I moved when I was still a youth. My career path took me into networking as I work for a major telecommunications company but I have always had a passion for Linux. These days I am working far less overtime and have more free time, so I return to my roots. With the Wasteland I look to expand my knowledge and hopefully create something useful to others. I plan to use this blog to share in my many projects, as well as things I find of interest. 

The server itself, well that is nothing more than my old laptop that was collecting dust. I am currently running this from my home internet connection using dynamic DNS services from NoIP.com. For the operating system I went with Linux, obviously, and to be more specific I went with the server edition of Fedora. My reasoning for this is two fold, first when I got started with Linux back in the early 2000’s I ran Red Hat Linux, so it just seemed natural to go with what I know. Why didn’t I go with CentOS? A good question to be sure, if this were a production server I would have. This is not a production server but my personal testing environment, I want to go with the latest that open source has to offer and Fedora does that well.

With that being said I welcome you to my blog. Meet the server but don’t laugh too much. (Okay laugh, I know I did when I set this up) If you have any interest in setting up a server of your own or have any questions about Linux in general feel free to contact me. You can either comment on any one of my posts or email me at elementj1980@gmail.com