About the Wasteland

Welcome to the Wasteland. If you are reading this then you really have made it to the end of the internet. Joking aside I welcome you to my personal blog and testing ground. The purpose of this server is to expand my knowledge of Linux and open source software. I also hope to create something that might be useful to others as well. 

I am a network engineer by profession, though my degree was in electrical engineering. The early portion of my career was spent working heavily with computers and operating systems in support roles. From there I moved into systems administration sticking mainly on the Linux side. Though any admin will be forced to administer a windows server at some point. These days I find myself working as a network engineer at a large telecom provider. Yes I work for the one of the evil Telcos. Joking aside I have learned quite a bit about routing and MPLS networks. What I tell people that ask is that if electrons flow though it, I probably know something about it. 

As for me, originally I was from the Chicago area but moved to Florida when I was still in school. These days I find myself in Central Florida and though I do miss the seasons I do not miss the snow and ice. Now when I want to see snow I plan a trip, I find life much better that way. My hobbies include computers and technology of course but I have other interests. Music being the primary one as I love playing guitar and making music in general. Such a great release to get out your joys and frustrations in a creative way. I also enjoy the outdoors so don’t be surprised to find me at the beach or fishing somewhere. Camping kind of sucks in Florida due to the heat but I do enjoy it in more temperate climates.

Now I want you to meet the server itself. Please don’t laugh too hard, though I know I did chuckle when I set this up. I am using nothing more than my old laptop to host this entire site. Why on earth would anyone put a server on a laptop? This is a fine question, my reasoning is that I wanted to use this as a tool to learn, and had hardware going to waste. This is being hosted off of my home internet connection using dynamic DNS services from NoIP. Anyone can do this so if you are interested in setting up a home server of your own feel free to contact me. You can comment on any one of my posts or email me Here

Here is The Wasteland in all of its glory.