The Wasteland has moved

I am sorry for the lack of content but I have truly been busy since the end of the year. Starting off with a death in the family right after Christmas and now a move. I assure you now that things are starting to fall into place I will be more active and provide more content. Never fear I have not forgotten my little project I have just had a lot on my proverbial plate. 

As I have stated I have moved. I am now on a lakeside property in a small South central Florida town. You may have noticed that the map and weather are now for Lake Placid. Where the hell is that you might ask? Isn’t that a ski resort in New York is often another comment I receive. Well as far as the ski resort that is an amusing story. If you look at the history of the town you will discover it has had many names in the past. The final one that stuck was Lake Placid and was renamed by the inventor of the Dewey Decimal system himself Dr. Melvil Dewey. I knew that it was supposed to be the ski resort of the south and that the great depression played its hand in that never coming to be. However I was unaware that the halting of construction of US 27 due to the second world war was a factor.

Why would a thirty-something year old want to move to a sleepy little retirement town? Well trust me it was not an easy decision. But I could not let my grandfathers home go, way too many childhood memories here. Also the place is just beautiful, and my parents deemed the house too small for them so I decided to rent it from them so we can keep it. I will share a few photos, I think you will understand my decision.

This is my backyard, the view as you step out the back door.

The sunsets here are absolutely breathtaking. The boat is not mine, was letting the neighbor use mine to store his boat while he was repairing damages from Irma. As you can see my dock took a beating as well.

One last picture at dusk, downright amazing if you ask me.