Irma approaches Florida’s west coast

This will probably be my last update. Irma is making its final approach on Florida’s west coast. Computer models show the storm skirting the west coast of Florida. Current projections show this powerful category 4 storm making landfall in the Keys and riding the west coast. This is slightly better news for those of us inland, but terrible news for Tampa. Storm surge projections show them getting over 10 feet of water. Tampa bay is similar to New Orleans, it lies below sea level. 

As expected with storms like this local curfew’s are in affect. For more information on that check here and  here. Schools are closed across Florida, most until at least Tuesday. For further details on local school closures be sure to check out this link. For those in mobile homes or low lying areas that have not evacuated to a shelter time is running out. We are expecting conditions to deteriorate throughout the day and by evening the roads will no longer be safe. Those with city water are already starting to see boil water notices. Best practice is to begin boiling water at the first signs of low water pressure. Normally that is an indication the system has been compromised. 

Current weather conditions here are fairly calm. We have had bands of rain and wind since the early hours of the morning. We expect the worst of the storm to hit late tonight and into the early hours of Monday. The Wasteland will be taken offline as soon as power is lost. I plan to move the server to a more secure location. Hopefully we all weather out the storm safely. Weather in south Florida is already poor, access to most if not all of the barrier islands is closed or will be soon. Area bridges are also starting to close. In prior storms access is shut down once sustained winds reach 40 Mph. Lastly I wanted to provide emergency management links for OrangeSeminoleLake, and Highlands counties. A statewide emergency info can be found here. 

That is all I have, stay safe everyone and stay off the roads. We need to keep them open for emergency personnel and when the storm passes Utility crews. I will bring The Wasteland back online as soon as services are restored provided my home does not sustain damage. Below are the most recent tracks and models. 

And here are the current track and computer models from Weather Underground.

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