Hurricane Irma closing in on Florida coast

I was meaning to provide daily updates on the storm but found myself too busy yesterday to provide an update. My day was spent boarding up windows and making final preparations for the storm. It is vital that everyone in the path of this hurricane be stocked up on water, batteries, fuel, and non perishable foods. At this point mandatory evacuations have been issued for most of the coastal areas. Storm surge flooding from this large hurricane should be catastrophic. We expect to be without power for weeks. At this point everyone just needs to stay safe if you are riding this out like me.

At this point over 5 million people have been told to evacuate. Anyone in a low lying area, mobile home, or in a flood prone zone should get out. Governor Rick Scott advises that action needs to be taken by 12 PM today. Traffic is like I have never seen so it will take time to get anywhere. For those evacuating stay patient and safe. If you are unsure if you are in an evacuation zone check here or on the official Florida disaster site here. In case that site gets flooded here is one more link with evacuation zones.  In the event you can not evacuate, and you are not in a well built home please find a shelter. 

Airports will likely be shutting down tonight, currently Orlando International plans on stopping flights at 5 PM today. Not surprisingly the area theme parks are also closing. Full details on the parks plans can be found here. Most local grocery stores will be closing either 8 PM tonight or by noon tomorrow local news is reporting. You should already have your supplies but if you do not go now and hope you find something. I can confirm that bottled water and bread as well as canned goods are hard to find. This is a serious storm and people have heeded the warning. 

Now for the storm itself, the path has moved further west. This is not really a good thing for Florida. The west coast is low lying and highly dense as far as population. I may fare a bit better inland but it is way to early to tell. Right now we are waiting for the storm to make its predicted turn north. Once that occurs we should have a better idea where this will hit. Considering the size of this hurricane it won’t matter much, its going to be a wild ride regardless. I will post the latest track and models as well as the most recent discussion about Irma from the National Hurricane Center. For after the storm here is the link to FEMA’s website for those that will need assistance. Stay safe everyone, I may make another post time permitting before weather deteriorates.

The latest computer models, showing it pushing to Florida’s west coast.

And here is the forecast path from Weather Underground.

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