Irma continues collision course with Florida

It is time for my daily update on  hurricane Irma. Chances are good this will dominate the content on this blog until it runs it’s course. Living in Florida and having most of my friends and family here has made this a top priority. I am going to post updates as they become available. Please stay tuned.

For those tracking the storm the latest from weather underground is here. I do wish to state that there is no need to panic. I am already seeing reports of I-75 and I-95 backing up. Even worse are reports of disabled vehicles being left on the roads complicating matters for highway patrol. It seems that out of market news stations are pushing the evacuate agenda. Though it sounds nice the fact remains that there are only two interstate highways that leave the state to the north. We need to keep the roadways open for those that have to evacuate. I have even seen a story showing that Jet Blue is offering $99 flights. If you are not in an evacuation zone and really want out I suggest that. 

I plan to stay put myself, I am inland so storm surge is not a concern. Not living in a mobile home or in a low lying area makes this possible. Those seeking storm supplies should do so now, stores are already picked over when it comes to the essentials. Water, batteries, and non perishable foods should be a top concern. I will post this list of supplies you should have ready. This is not my first rodeo, I know what to get. I have seen reports of local hotels offering discounted rates for evacuees. I must say I am impressed, I hate to speak poorly of hotels but my experience is they raise the rates at the fist sign of demand. Kudos to them for not using this to line their coffers. I mentioned flights earlier, as of now OIA is undecided on their weekend course of action.

I don’t have many other updates, here is a listing of the latest school closings. For those in areas that will need to evacuate shelters are not open yet. I will provide a few links I found with shelter information. Those in central Florida check here and here. For a statewide listing check the official Florida disaster site here. That is all I have for now, below is the latest storm track from NOAA as well as the latest computer models. The shift east is promising, but it is too early to say for sure where this storm will go.

Here is the latest computer models.

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