Video sharing on your own server with YouPHPTube

Unless you live under a rock everyone is aware of video sharing sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Live Leak, and Twitch. The list is almost endless, but YouTube is by far the most popular. What if you could set something like this up on your own server? You can, I present to you YouPHPTube. Did you think that you would have to buy commercial software to accomplish this? As you may expect the answer to that is no. 

The Wasteland only uses open source software. I decided I wanted to set this up for a couple of reasons, the first being my desire to learn. Secondly I wanted a way to share personal videos that I may not wish to give to the likes of YouTube or their competitors. Privacy is a big concern of mine, if you have followed this blog I am sure you have caught on to this fact by now. Now I still plan to use YouTube for sharing videos I want everyone to see since I do not have the bandwidth or the computing power to handle that load. This is more of a because I could kind of endeavor. 

Interested in setting something like this up for yourself? You have many options. I found a few good open source projects and will link the ones I thought were the best. First I will link clipbucket an open source site designed to create a very similar experience to YouTube. Other viable options include phpmotion as well as cumulusclips. If you are open to commercial software there are even more options. So back to the open source choices since that is my focus. Clipbucket is a fine choice but I was having issues getting it to connect to the MySQL database and found little support. I really wanted to try phpmotion but quickly discovered it lacked support for PHP 7 and only supported earlier version 5. 

The setup was quite simple, I will provide the exact link I used for the download here. So far I have just added a few videos from YouTube to test. A great feature if you ask me. Not only can you upload your own content, you can add content from other video sharing sites. If you have commercial hosting you can easily create a niche site that caters to your hobby or passion. With this software you can include videos from other sites as well as your own content, very cool. You know the drill, if you need help setting this up feel free to comment or email me here

This is a good video I found, it is designed for Ubuntu users but the principals apply to any distribution of Linux. Please check out the newly opened Wasteland Video section on this site. Be on the lookout for more changes and new content, bookmark if you like and feel free to use the sharing links as well.