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Do you have files you wish to have access to from anywhere in the world? Would you like to be able to access those files in a secure manner from just about any device? I present to you OwnCloud a free and open source storage and syncing application. 

Those not new to the internet know that there are plenty of cloud storage services available. From the likes of Dropbox to Google Drive and even Microsoft’s OneDrive there are numerous options to choose from. Why you may ask should I bother to set this up for myself when I have so many good choices? First and most important to me would be privacy, while all of these services are good you are still sending your personal information to a third party server. I for one do not like the idea of handing over personal data to unknown entities and entrusting them to properly secure it. In some cases *cough google* they even scan it so they can better market to you. Thanks but no thanks…

Luckily there are two good open-source alternatives. OwnCloud which I am using on my server and NextCloud. NextCloud is actually a fork of OwnCloud, and I may try it in the future. I went with OwnCloud due to its longevity. The setup was surprisingly simple. If anyone is looking to set this up on their own server feel free to comment on this post or email me Here. Required is a web server with the LAMP stack installed. If you are running Fedora then I will include a guide on how to do this. If you are using any other distribution of Linux there are guides out there, and of course I would be happy to help.

First impressions are very positive. It works just like Dropbox does and even has mobile apps for your phones and tablets. Careful they try to charge you 99 cents for the official client. Luckily there is a free one called OwnClient that works very well. I can not say for sure if the Apple store has these options. I will report back once I find an Apple user to try it. Due to the nature of this server, and limited hard drive space I can not open this to the public. I am opening this to any of my friends and co-workers that wish to try it. I encourage anyone interested give it a try and set it up for yourself. Why let Google and the NSA scan your files when you can safely and securely set up your own server?

That is all I have for now, if you have any questions or want to leave a comment feel free to do so below. If you need more in depth support please join my forum, I am always happy to assist anyone interested in the world of GNU/Linux.

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