Photo Gallery returns thanks to piwigo

With pleasure I am glad to announce the Wasteland Photo Gallery is back online. I do apologize for the delay but I have been busy and dealing with some software issues. The gallery not only returns, but does so with improvements. I present to you the new gallery powered by piwigo.

What software issues you might ask? My first choice and long time favorite was gallery 3. I ran this on the first version of the Wasteland, and on sites in the past, I assure you it is a solid platform. Why then did I choose to move away from it? My reason is simple, I was having a few issues with the installation and began to google the problem at hand. To my dismay I saw on their main site linked above that they all but abandoned the project. Support was moved to a yahoo group. Check the official support forums and discover no new posts in at least 2 years. Learning that fact, I had no choice but to move on. 

Never fear progress is always a good thing, though moving on may be hard. I quickly found a few new options, piwigo and coppermine. Both are up to date projects with full support. I chose piwigo, it seemed to have a few more features I wanted and setup was a real breeze. I can’t even begin to explain how easy it was, I didn’t have to fight anything, search for any missing libraries or obscure packages it might require. Putting it simple it just worked. 

Not only does it work, but it works better. Gone are the issues with mobile users, this software has mobile and desktop support. That alone is a huge upgrade but there is more. It has support for many plugins as well. I am using a number of them including ones to protect against brute-force attacks as well as image preview and analytics. So far I must say it is the superior product, with a June 2017 most recent release and longevity this project won me over. I may try coppermine at some juncture as well just because I love to tinker. Welcome to the new and improved gallery, enjoy.

Wasteland Photo Gallery

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