The Wasteland Reborn v2.0

We are happy to announce that The Wasteland is back online. This site has been offline for a day while the server was rebuilt from scratch. I was not happy with how it was configured, running the desktop version of Fedora with full multimedia support. I for one do not like the idea of running a server with a GUI, much less a full desktop, so the decision was made to start over and install Fedora 26 Server edition. You might be amused to learn this is running on my old Laptop

Why did I pick Fedora? A good question to be sure considering that this distribution of Linux is on the bleeding edge of open source. Sure if I were setting up a production server I would use CentOS but this is my testing platform. I want to find bugs and give back to the community. Who doesn’t enjoy a challenge? Nobody ever learned anything by playing it safe. 

For those returning you will notice all of the content is gone. I mean it when I say that I am rebuilding this from scratch. No need to fear the content will return, I fully intend to bring both the image gallery and forums back online. I also plan to experiment with Icecast so be on the lookout for that. Changes will be made to The Wasteland so you never know what you may find here next.

If you are new to the Wasteland, welcome. This is my personal server, blog, and testing environment. I have been working in IT my entire professional career, and currently find myself in networking and telecommunications. Though my career took me down a different path, my love for Linux and open source remains.  Having mastered my career path for the most part, I find myself with more free time. I plan to use that time to get back into the world I had to put on the back burner, that of GNU/Linux. Please feel free to bookmark and check back as I plan to post what I learn for all. Nobody can be serious all the time so be on the lookout for fun content too.